Ilmatar will construct its first solar farm in Finland

Ilmatar Energy Oy will build its first solar park in Joroinen, Finland, once an industrial-scale PV power facility is erected. From early 2023 forward, Jorois will deliver Finnish renewable energy. Ilmatar’s mission to become the premier renewable energy firm in the Nordic nations would be accelerated as a result of the investment decision, according to the company. The capacity of Joroinen Park is 5MWp. Ilmatar is in charge of funding the Joroinen project alongside Business Finland, which is contributing 20% of the total funding. “Solar power is an essential new factor in Ilmatar’s strategy since it gives flexibility to our generating electricity,” stated Ilmatar CEO Juha Sarsama.

“Our ambition is to lead the market in this area as well. I’m particularly pleased with how our organization, decision-making partners, and landowners have accepted the new kind of power generation as their own.”

Ilmatar has a number of parks in Sweden and Finland that range in size from 50 to 250 MWp. Some of the ventures will be constructed alongside wind farms. “Our solar power team has worked and will continue to work hard in both Finland and Sweden, where solar power has a big potential,” Ilmatar development director Antti Keskinen said. Solar power has a number of advantages, including its lightweight structure and rapid scalability, as well as several synergies with our wind power generation. They have amassed a significant range of skills in the effective implementation of large programs involving massive infrastructure companies and wind power over the years. As a result, as a Finnish firm, we have excellent local expertise throughout the country and the potential to provide industrial-scale solar power to market in collaboration with local interest groups, ” Juha Sarsama stated.

He went on to say that they believe in large-scale energy generation in regards to solar power, and that, as we’ve seen with wind power building, this comes with environmental and natural obligations. Their mission is to produce solar power in an environmentally friendly manner. This informs everything they are doing in the construction of solar parks, starting with the design and continuing through lifecycle maintenance.”

Ilmatar’s goal, according to Keskinen, is to revitalize communities that have lost or are losing other business activities by utilizing the land for renewable energy production. An abandoned peat production region, a poorly producing field, or other wastelands with no other land-use value are examples of these.

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