Buick is reinventing itself as an all-electric vehicle manufacturer

With the debut of the Wildcat EV concept, Buick, formerly famed for its comfy cruisers, has entered the electric vehicle market. While the newest Buick Wildcat EV Concept is just that, a concept, it might signal the start of Buick’s next act of radical reinvention.

Buick revealed a slew of substantial changes aimed at highlighting the company’s migration to electric vehicles. According to the corporation, the first electric vehicle (EV) for the North American market is going to be released in the year 2024, and by the close of the decade, it will only sell EVs (electric vehicles). In a reference to the company’s history, its future Electric Vehicles will be called “Electra.” It’s showing off the Wildcat, which is a new concept vehicle that does tease the firm’s all-electric future. To underline its “brand reinvention,” the company is even modifying its tri-shield emblem, discarding the circular design in favor of a horizontal display that has body-mounted.

Buick is the final of General Motors’ four car brands to unveil its electrification ambitions (Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC, being the others). The business teased its inaugural EV for US auto consumers earlier this year, unveiling a headlamp that resembled a Buick Electra concept automobile from several years ago. The Electra moniker will now play a key role in the company’s attempts to sell entirely electric cars by the close of the decade, as per the corporation.

Duncan Aldred, who is the vice president of Buick stated that By the end of this decade, the Buick brand is dedicated to an all-electric future. He went on to say that Buick’s new logo, Electra naming series, and a fresh design style for their future models will completely redefine the brand.

Buick automobiles had formerly been known by the names Electra and Wildcat. Buick produced the Wildcat full-size sedan from 1963 to 1970, whereas the Electra range lasted from the mid-1950s through 1990. Throughout its entire production, the Electra was Buick’s premier sedan.

Buick has a reputation in the United States for being an old man’s car, but it has a higher profile in China, where sales are still strong. The majority of the firm’s future electric vehicle selection will most probably be powered by General Motors’ new Ultium EV powertrain and battery technology. By 2025, GM plans to invest $35 billion in both electric and driverless vehicles, with the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2040.

The redesigned Wildcat, like the Riviera and the Avista idea from 2013, is unlikely to see production. Nonetheless, it gives us some hints as to what we might expect from the brand. Following the event, Buick CEO Duncan Aldred did not dismiss the possibility of the company producing an electric sedan or even coupe as it advances toward full electrification by 2030.

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