Nicolas Cage Was Going To Purchase A Cavern

An actor who steals his stage name from a Marvel hero (Luke Cage, specifically) to get away from the Coppola surname is capable of anything. Nicolas Cage, in addition to being a risky and always surprising performer on screen, is also one of the most eccentric stars in Hollywood.

Good old Cage has squandered his income on whims as varied as: the most exotic pets, from crocodiles to cobras; the skull of a dinosaur; haunted mansions; a pyramid-shaped tomb; and, yes, many comics.

The actor, who is in full promotion of his new movie, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, has now revealed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show (via Slash Film) that he was about to buy a cave. It was a rumor that Diane Kruger, his partner in The Search, had already confirmed when she passed through the same show a few weeks earlier, assuring that the actor had acquired a “Batcave”.

Cage has denied that he bought it, but he did come close to doing so at a time in his life when he set out to explore all the elements: for water, he learned to dive in the Great Barrier Reef; for air, he considered the hang glider; and, for fire, he did the movie Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider. “For land, I thought: ‘I want to start a caving adventure. I want to start exploring caves,'” he said.

That was when he found out that there was a cave for sale near where he was filming, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The interpreter visited the cave, which had “all these stalagmites… Like milky quartz, like crystalline walls.”

As he has recounted, the environment seemed so charming to him that he wanted to “buy it, go down to the bottom of the cave, undress with my wife and drink nigori [sake], at the bottom of the cave, on the ground”. However, in the end she did not take the cave. Of course, she has confirmed that she spent a night in Dracula’s castle, among many other and varied experiences that she has lived. In the absence of Batcave…

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