Aiways collaborates with PUMP to ease electric vehicle charging planning throughout Europe

Aiways, a Shanghai-based personal mobility company, is expanding the utility of its own pure electric U5 SUV by teaming with PUMP, the developer of one of Europe’s largest electric vehicles (EV) charge planning apps. This is Aiways’ first strategic cooperation in the automotive data space, and it will increase the sophisticated technological attractiveness of its cutting-edge solutions.

From June 22nd, 2022, Aiways clients will be able to use their car and smartphone to pre-plan travels and study extensive information on charging stations along their route – comprising availability, exact location, supplier data, daily usage data, and charging speed.

The PUMP app’s integration inside Aiways’ cars has benefits over other in-developed OEM solutions. PUMP was created exclusively to help electric vehicles, ensuring that drivers always have access to the updated online maps and charging points. The PUMP app is always in sync with the Aiways, displaying only eligible chargers and charging information based on the vehicle’s battery state and charging capabilities. Drivers will also get charge station status information on their smart device, which is a capability not presently available with other OEM systems.

PUMP is a relative novice to the charge planning industry, but it is quickly gaining a following by providing an interface that is both easy and data-rich. Its immediate updates and lightning-fast route planning make a seamless EV experience, and the vehicle-to-app link happens online, eliminating the necessity for vehicle hardware or even adapters.

The free basic version of PUMP allows users to schedule a journey on their smart gadget. Users can access PUMP Pro with a monthly or annual membership, which functions as a full navigation system that incorporates the charge state, calculates routes, and proposes charging points along the route. PUMP Pro also allows users to enter extra waypoints, custom battery levels, return trips, favorite charging operators, and join a virtual ‘queue,’ allowing motorists to arrange charging stops with minimal wait time.

As a portion of the new agreement, every new and current Aiways U5 SUV customer will receive 3 months of PUMP Pro for free. After the trial time, clients will use the most recent software version for the low monthly fee of €4,99.

Additional languages, charge station reliability rankings, information on whether other customers are waiting to utilize a certain charge station, and Android Auto functionality will be added in future PUMP efforts.

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