Solfy, The First Marketplace That Promotes Photovoltaic Self-Consumption Forecasts

The Spanish startup Solfy, the first marketplace that promotes photovoltaic self-consumption in Spain -with clean energy free of greenhouse gas emissions- plans to reach a turnover of 3 million euros in 2023. Platform that is revolutionizing the Cleantech sector, Anglicism that encompasses startups that make use of new technologies ensuring a positive environmental impact.

And it is that in Spain renewable energies continue to set records, with photovoltaic solar energy being one of the main protagonists. In 2021 it has meant a 30% increase in installed power and solar self-consumption has doubled, according to the recent progress of the 2021 Spanish Electricity System Report, prepared by Red Eléctrica de España and the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF).

With a business model that has already proven its success in Norway – the cradle of sustainability – with ‘Otovo’ exceeding 2.3 million euros in the last quarter of 2021 alone. In Spain, Solfy through its marketplace aimed at individuals and companies, reaches the market at the best time and with legislation that rewards self-consumption of solar energy. In addition, the current energy crisis is accelerating consumer awareness of more efficient energy sources.

The Solfy platform that was born in Barcelona at the beginning of 2022 with high profits as a startup with purpose and differentiator in the renewable solar energy market, has been created by two successful entrepreneurs.

Its CEO, Sergio Balcells, who was the CEO of Milanuncios, one of the first scalable Spanish startups, or the e-commerce Glamoroum, sold in 2013 to the American group Birchbox, as well as a promoter of Greenwalkers, a Spanish movement to support nature conservation. . Supported by Sergi Sans, with extensive experience in successful brands and startups such as Atomic, Camaloon or Itnig, who was born as a ‘venture builder’ and today also has other lines of business.

In addition, the Spanish CleanTech has expert partners in photovoltaic energy and the support of Luis Candela, one of the most relevant names in the photovoltaic ecosystem and CEO of MPV Solar, the largest Spanish-speaking photovoltaic business school.

According to Sergio Bacells, Co-founder and CEO of Solfy; “The energy transition will only be completed successfully if access to photovoltaic solar self-consumption is facilitated for all families and companies, a mission in which we are working with the aim of consolidating it in Spain to later make the leap to Latin America”.

How does the marketplace work?
With 85% of the roofs in Spain technically feasible for the installation of solar panels, the Solfy ‘Photovoltaic Self-consumption Market’ has leading companies such as Huawei, SolarEdge, Sunpower, Enphase, REXC, TrinaSolar or Hyundai.

The platform – agile and safe – makes it easy for any home to generate its own clean energy, reducing the current electricity bill by up to 80% and thus contributing to caring for the planet. It promotes maximum transparency and personalization in the service, with access to the highest quality components, facilitating the entire installation process -from the beginning to the end- even taking care of the management of procedures and subsidies to speed up and reduce the cost of installation .

Depending on the budget, location and needs of the residential home, business or office complex, the platform ‘matches’ with the best installers to guarantee the installation of everything necessary to start photovoltaic self-consumption. Guaranteeing the best price and quality of the main brands of solar renewables that generate clean energy with high profitability for the consumer.

The Ethicorn Concept
Solfy, committed to one of humanity’s most important challenges, contributing to caring for the environment, aspires to become the first Spanish ‘Ethicorn’. Concept that -comes from the root of the English words ethical and horn, alluding to the unicorn- has been coined by the company itself to define those business models valued at 1,000 million dollars that operate 100% under a technological platform, with a firm ethical and sustainable philosophy.

Sustainability and Legislation
The advantages and benefits as a source of inexhaustible and clean energy are immense. It does not emit toxic substances or air pollutants, reducing dependence on the consumption of the electricity grid and natural gas. However, there is still a ‘wrong’ belief, in some sectors of society, that it is an expensive, complex technology or that it is reserved for large-scale or industrial projects.

Solar energy, except during night hours, always produces energy for self-consumption. In Spain we have an annual average of 2,500 hours of light, which makes it the ideal market for this business model. Even when the weather conditions are bad, the production of clean energy is reduced by only 10-20% maximum.

For these reasons, not only are there no taxes on the generation of photovoltaic solar energy, but also numerous rebates and economic aid for the installation of a photovoltaic system. And the founders of Solfy are clear that their purpose is that more and more homes and companies can easily access photovoltaic self-consumption and generate their own energy, in a clean and sustainable way.

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