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Fortnite Bunker is devoted to bringing you quality reporting for all things Fortnite related. Our primary focus is to provide breaking news coverage as quickly and detailed as possible. We also cover challenges and item shop updates. Fortnite Bunker aims to help the masses make the most out of Fortnite. We believe that an informed fan base is better for the game.


Tyler Remington – Social Media Manager, Writer, Editor

Tyler is a proud father of two and a passionate Fortnite player. He has played Fortnite since release. Tyler enjoys squad play with friends, boasting an 18% lifetime win rate. Tyler’s favorite skin is the ‘Black Knight’, his favorite weapon is the pump shotgun. He is a serial entrepreneur specializing in internet businesses. He started his first business at the age of 18 and enjoys working from home with his family.


Jose Alvarez – Contributing Writer

Jose enjoys Fortnite’s Save the World mode and has played since Season 4. Jose’s favorite skin is the ‘Red Knight’ and enjoys playing with any sniper. He is a college educated writer who has been featured in major publications.


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