Fortnite's Infantry Rifle

Infantry Rifle Coming to Fortnite in v7.40

Fortnite players were greeted Sunday with an in-game news update touting the new 'Infantry Rifle'. The teaser underneath the item says "Classic...
Fortnite v7.30 Leaks

LEAKED: New Fortnite v7.30 Skins, Back Bling & More

As tradition requires, shortly after a new Fortnite patch is dropped we are treated to a new batch of leaked items coming...
Fortnite's Ice King Event

Chiller Grenade, Switch Fixes & More Coming to Fortnite v7.30

Epic has announced some new changes coming to Fortnite v7.30 along with the release time. This patch will drop at 4AM EST...
1-11-19 Item Shop Update

1-11-19 Item Shop: Red-Nose Raider Returns

The Fortnite Item Shop has been updated with new dances, skins, emotes, and pickaxes. Today's sale items are listed below:
Fortnite's February 16th, 2019 Item Shop

Fortnite February 17th Item Shop: Lil Whip, Sprinkles, and More

Yesterday's Item Shop update brought us the classic Soccer player skins with customized numbers and styles. A cult classic, these skins have...
Fortnite 1/26/2019 Item Shop Update

Fortnite 1-26-2019 Item Shop Update: Malcore is Here

We've got a new weekend item shop update folks. Prep those wallets, as we have some new items today that will certainly...
Fortnite Ammo Box

Epic Updates Fortnite Ammo Icons

Epic has finally updated the ammo icons in Fortnite. Some players had a hard time differentiating the old ammo types - the...
Fortnite Streamer

Changes to Fortnite’s Streamer Mode Coming in v7.30

Fortnite Bunker has learned that Epic has sent emails out to members of it's fabled Support-A-Creator program today that detail upcoming changes...
Dark Love Ranger Datamined

Valentine’s Day Dark Love Ranger Skin Datamined in Fortnite v7.30

Users of the /r/FortniteLeaks subreddit have found several references in Fortnite's game files that point to a possible 'Dark' version of the...
Fortnite Wall Fix

Balance Changes Coming In v7.40: Nerfs Inbound

Epic's Design Lead, Eric Williamson, took to Reddit this morning to update the community on upcoming changes in the v7.40 patch. The...