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Fortnite Bunker has learned that Epic has sent emails out to members of it’s fabled Support-A-Creator program today that detail upcoming changes to Fortnite’s streamer mode.

A screen-grab of the email is provided below:

Credit: Reddit User /u/YourBoyChipsAhoy___

Epic will now allow Streamers to view other player’s normally, while remaining anonymous themselves. Also, Epic has made it possible for your handle to be seen by the public while blocking out other player’s names. This would allow players to gain notoriety in matches while also removing the potential for a sniper to get their name shown on the stream. The email also mentions that player’s can have both of those new additions on at the same time.

Streamer mode will be disabled for all player’s once the new update launches. All streamers will need to go into the game’s settings re-enable in accordance with the new options.

These changes are coming in the 1/29 update, we have a separate article that details all of the confirmed (so far) changes coming to v7.30 here.

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