Fortnite's Ice King Event

Epic has announced some new changes coming to Fortnite v7.30 along with the release time. This patch will drop at 4AM EST on Tuesday (1/29) morning and players can expect downtime to begin around 3AM EST. Last week, we had several confirmed changes to report prior to the launch of v7.20. Epic hasn’t been as vocal this week, but we do have some interesting confirmations.

Chiller Grenade

In-game screenshot of the Chiller Grenade news update.
In-game screenshot of the Chiller Grenade news update.
Credit: Epic Games

The Chiller Grenade was teased this morning in an update to the in-game news page, it is described with the following text:

“Give your enemies cold feet with this winter blast!”

It is safe to assume that this item will chill affected enemies with ice-blocks on their feet, similar to what happens when crossing the frozen-pond. If this assumption is true, the impact on the game will be minimal as many players will opt to save one of their precious inventory slots for a more effective item.

Nintendo Switch Fixes

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle, released on October 5th, 2018.
The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle, released on October 5th, 2018.
Credit: Nintendo

Ever since it’s release, fans of the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite have voiced their concerns regarding stability and performance. Among those concerns were poor quality graphics, hitches, and unplayable frame rates. Epic’s community coordinator Sean Hamilton took to the popular /r/FortniteBR subreddit to detail the upcoming changes.

  • Reduced hitches caused by behind-the-scenes garbage collection
  • The memory allocator previously used has been replaced with a better one, thus reducing crashes caused by a lack of memory
  • Increased the texture pool to 100MB, this will help resolve issues with blurry textures
  • GPU improvements – including an increased resolution on the Switch
  • Improved level streaming, leading to a decrease in load times for structures
  • Doubled the number of cosmetics allowed to be rendered at one time

The Ice King Departs

Introduced in a cinematic event on January 20th, the Ice King has brought fog, snow, and hordes of Ice Legion to the map. The last opportunity to complete the Ice King challenges will be at 3AM EST on the 29th, right before the patch drops. This will wrap up the Ice King event, thus removing the Ice Legion and heavy fog from the map.

A New ‘Block’ Appears

Today is the last day to enjoy Directing Pete’s ‘Storm Shield’ block design. The block featured a huge, futuristic pyramid with a beacon of light shining up through the middle. The next block design was unknown at press time.

Updates to Streamer Mode

Epic has sent a letter to it’s Support-A-Creator members that states that changes will be coming to streamer mode in v7.30. Check out our post on the upcoming changes to streamer mode here.

Stay tuned to Fortnite bunker for all the breaking news related to Fortnite v7.30. We’ll be covering all the latest changes starting at 4AM on the 29th.

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