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Epic employee u/SkyzYn took to Reddit today to offer an explanation for the current lack of tournaments in Fortnite. SkyzYn is the reddit handle of Epic’s Colin Fogle, in his post Fogle states

“During January we’ll be transitioning to a new tournament backend system which will help enable features such as live in-game leaderboards during events, support for tournaments to take place across multiple knockout rounds, and allow us to create a richer variety of events to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Fewer in-game tournaments will be scheduled in early January as we transition to the new backend system and test the new functionality, but we anticipate quickly ramping up to a full tournament offering utilizing the new features.”

Fogle goes on to write that more than 9-million players participated in the Winter Royale qualifiers and that plans are in place to run similar tournaments in the future.

Feedback from the community was generally positive, but several posts requested a permanent mode specifically dedicated to competitive play. A ranked play mode is a common request from the competitive community, but there are concerns that this would fragment the player pool.

You can read the entire reddit post by u/SkyzYn here.

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