Promo image featuring the Dark Love Ranger.

A Twitter post by the official Fortnite account has led some to believe that a new POI is coming in Season 8. Reddit sleuths have determined that this the background of the image does not represent a location currently in the game.

The background resembles both the Polar Peak castle (home of the Ice King) and Tomato Temple ruins. But, the presence of the Greek-era statue rule those locations out. There is no POI featuring Greek architecture in the game currently.

The ruins of Tomato Temple.
The ruins of Tomato Temple.
Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker
The Ice King's castle atop Polar Peak.
The Ice King’s castle atop Polar Peak.
Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

For the past couple of weeks, Earthquakes and fissures have been a daily occurence in Fortnite. Last week, a player posted to the /r/FortniteBR subreddit regarding a bug he encountered that displayed a burned version of Wailing Woods on the in-game map.

Wailing Woods has been relatively untouched since the inception of Fortnite. Nearly all other POI’s have seen drastic changes in past seasons. It makes sense for Epic to switch up the locale a bit.

Users speculate that the fissures in the ground could reveal an underground ancient temple. Others wonder if it could be a new location for Fortnite’s Save The World PVE mode.

Lastly, The Dark Love Ranger in the promo is holding Cupid’s Crossbow. An item that is only in the game for a limited time as part of Epic’s ‘Share The Love’ Valentine’s Day event. A new POI would not arrive before Season 8, which also marks the end of the in-game event.

Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker for all of the latest Fortnite news heading into Season 8.

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