The Season 8, Week 5 loading screen features the bow and arrow.

Since the release of Season 8, Fortnite players have wondered when we would get the bow and arrow weapon from the first loading screen. We’ve seen every other weapon teased on the screen released, but the bow is no where to be found. That changed today with the release of Fortnite 8.20. Hidden deep in the game files are several clues that tell us more about the upcoming weapon. Let’s take a look at everything we currently know.

Female Fortnite skin holding bow in initial Season 8 loading screen image.
The bow has been showcased in a loading screen since the launch of Season 8.

Variable Shot Strength

We know, based on in-game sounds, that the bow will have varying shots. There are individual sounds for low strength, medium, and full tension shots. This also implies that each shot will do varying amounts of damage. This could turn out to be one of the most versatile weapons in Fortnite. The ability to pull fire high-strength snipe style shots along with quick fire shots on the same weapon is intriguing.

An Explosive Variant

We know, based on in-game models, that there will be at least one explosive variant of the bow. This is also backed up with in-game audio files which details explosions. An explosive bow could be a game changer for build-to-build battles. We’ll wait and see what the structure damage ends up being before getting too excited.

In-game model of the bow and arrow weapon from Fortnite.
Credit: @HYPEX on Twitter

Leaked In-Game Sounds

Thanks to data miners from Reddit, we know exactly what the bow will sound like. We’ve linked a clip below which details all the sounds. We particularly liked the sound of the explosion from a distance.

In-Game Animations

Thanks to data miners now know the in-game animations for pulling out shooting the explosive bow. Check out the short video below.

Release Date

Epic has confirmed via the in-game news tab that the Explosive Bow will arrive with this week’s update. New updates usually drop Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Stay tuned!

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