Fortnite Season 8 Teaser 1

Ahoy matey! Epic Games has revealed the first teaser image for Fortnite’s upcoming Season 8. The teaser, shared on the official Twitter account, features a pirate’s hook on an orange and red background. In the coming days, we’ll see more teaser images all the way up until the start of next season.

Everyone Has a Season 8 Theory

Speculation was rampant on Reddit, with many users convinced that a pirate themed season was in the works. There is always a Battle Pass spray that connects to the next season in some way. There is a banana spray in the Season 7 battle pass, which would go along with a pirate/tropical theme.

The banana spray from Fortnite's Season 7 Battle Pass.
The banana spray from the Season 7 Battle Pass.
Credit: Epic Games

When asked in the Reddit AMA to describe Season 8 in 4 words, Epic’s Eric Williamson gave an interesting response:

One user even dug up a 2-month old post that included predictions of usable pirate ships and cannons. That would require a drastic map change that covered a large percentage of the map in water. We’re going to file usable pirate ships in the “extremely unlikely” category for now, but things could change as new teasers are released.

Season 8 Hype Is Building

Hype for Season 8 is palpable. Many players argue that recent meta changes have put the game in the best spot it’s ever been in. Combine that with a drastic map change and you’ve got a magic recipe.

Season 7 hasn’t slowed down either. Earlier this week Epic clapped back at Apex Legends hype by releasing player counts. February 16th featured the most concurrent players (for a non-event) in the history of the game. In the same week, Epic announced a $100,000,000 World Cup that starts in April. The largest purse in the history of e-sports.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker for Season 8 news as it breaks. Season 8 officially launches on February 28th.

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