The Legendary Tactical Sub

Death. Taxes. Epic adding and removing stuff from Fortnite every week. These are the indisputable aspects of life. Your favorite gun could vanish tomorrow. An item you used to love could be back. That’s the way it is, and the way it’s always been. That’s OK though, it’s one of the many reasons why Fortnite remains fresh over a year and a half since release.

The culmination of the loot pool and how it affects play is often described as the “meta”. The meta is constantly evolving. Strategies change from season to season, builds change from season to season, and your load out is likely to change (at least a little) from one season to another. Most items are in the vault because Epic didn’t like the way they meshed with the surrounding meta. Here are 5 that should return.

Bounce Pads

Yes, we know. Every one of these lists has to include the Bounce Pad. Not to be confused with the Jump Pad, which is much stronger. The truth is, the Bounce Pad was an amazing item – for many reasons. It allowed for the dynamic creation of plays that could save your life, without taking all the air out of the engagement. For example, you get in a build battle only to find yourself outnumbered or disadvantaged – then, you pop a Jump Pad. The Jump Pad propels you far far away from the action. The battle is over once a Jump Pad comes out. With a Bounce Pad, it propels you to safety but not completely out of harms way. Thus preserving the built-up tension.

Epic removed the Bounce Pad because they thought that mobility was too prevalent, but that was several patches ago. We think we’ll see the Bounce Pad return in a later season.

Burst Rifles

The 'Burst Rifle' from Fortnite.
Remember this? At it’s peak it was hard to forget.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Ninja would pick up a Rare Burst over an Epic Scar. This thing, for a brief period, was a powerhouse. Later on, the Epic and Legendary variants were added – but, they didn’t quite match the feel of the old school bursts. There was something very satisfying about popping off three head shots in a single burst. Epic laid down a stunner with this one, it had been a staple of the game since release.


Grenades are a staple of any multiplayer shooter. Fortnite is no exception. Through the first six seasons, the grenade wasn’t really tampered with. Then, BAM! It was vaulted. To fill the void, Epic added Clinger Grenades back into the rotation. Clingers were once very powerful, but now pale in comparison to the satisfaction of getting a perfect grenade throw into someone’s base.

Tactical Subs

New players might not recognize this one, the Tactical Sub met it’s demise way back in Season 5. Some naysayers will ask “What about the P90?” No. The P90 is a decent weapon, but the recoil is often uncontrollable. The Tactical Sub just felt right. Ripping up an enemy who was milliseconds away from one-pumping you sent an instant flood of serotonin into the brain. Specifically, the Epic variant, was an undisputed champ in CQB. Let’s all hope it makes it’s return and the P90 finds it’s way into the vault.

Here’s an old vid from Drift0r that sings the praises of the Tactical SMG.

Impulse Grenades

Another item that was removed to make way for other mobility items. The Impulse Grenade was a play maker. Don’t doubt, there were a ton of creative ways you could dominate with it. You could launch yourself to the top of a build and one-pump an enemy. Even better, you could launch an enemy out of their base and into harm’s way – all without getting your hands dirty.

Made possible by the good old Impulse Grenade. Via Reddit

I know what you’re thinking. What about the Drum Gun? The Drum Gun was fun to use, and was certainly powerful. But, it had a poor implementation. The gun was the definition of OP. So much so, that you could just carry 3 or 4 Drum Guns around and ignore all other weapons.

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