Fortnite's February 16th, 2019 Item Shop

Yesterday’s Item Shop update brought us the classic Soccer player skins with customized numbers and styles. A cult classic, these skins have become the icon of the stereotypical “sweaty” player. Today’s Item Shop update includes both new and old items alike that players are sure to love.

Featured Items

Lil Whip – Epic – Outfit

This is a brand-new skin never before seen in the Item Shop. It is an ice cream themed character complete with a unique back bling titled ‘Sno Cone’.

Epic Lil Whip Fortnite Skin
Epic Lil Whip Fortnite Skin Credit: Epic Games
The Sno Cone Back Bling included with the Lil Whip skin.
The Sno Cone Back Bling included with the Lil Whip skin. Credit: Epic Games

Ice Pop – Rare – Harvesting Tool

Another brand-new item, this ice-cream shaped pickaxe is a perfect addition to the Lil Whip skin.

The ‘Ice Pop’ harvesting tool. Credit: Epic Games

Ice Cream Cruiser – Rare – Glider

The Ice Cream Cruiser Glider
The Ice Cream Cruiser Glider

Another complimentary item to the Lil Whip skin, the Ice Cream Cruiser is a blue ice-cream sandwich stuck between two cones.

Soccer Skins – Rare – Outfits

The plethora of soccer skins has returned once again. There are 8 total and all are customizable.

Daily Items

Rapscallion – Epic – Outfit (1,500 V-Bucks)

A burgler themed skin, part of the Jailbird set. Includes ‘Burgle Bag’ backbling.

Glowsticks – Epic – Emote (800 V-Bucks)

A fan-favorite from the Marshmello event, the Glowstick emote has returned to the item shop.

Lucky – Uncommon – Harvesting Tool (500 V-Bucks)

This one is as old as they get, perhaps one of the first pickaxes to enter the item shop. We’ve seen this one plenty of times before, and we will likely see it again.

Shadow Ops – Epic – Outfit (1,500 V-Bucks)

The classic Shadow Ops skin returns. This skin is considered to be “sweaty” as it is a favorite of skilled players. Part of the Stealth Syndicate set.

Kick Ups – Rare – Emote (500 V-Bucks)

A rare soccer themed skin that features your character bouncing a soccer ball in creative ways.

Sprinkles – Uncommon – Wrap (300 V-Bucks)

The uncommon 'Sprinkles' wrap.
The uncommon ‘Sprinkles’ wrap.

This is possibly the coolest wrap we’ve seen outside of the Valentine’s Day wraps. Meant to complement the Lil Whip skin, this wrap will surely be popular.

That’s all for today, check back in with Fortnite Bunker tomorrow at 6PM CST for a new item shop!

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