Epic released a small update, version 8.1.1, for iOS devices. The intent of this update is to fix the various stability issues plaguing mobile players. Epic declined to provide technical specifics of what exactly was changed. We can say, however, that all of the changes occurred on the back-end – no new content was added.

Epic went on to clarify that not all stability problems would be solved with this update. Later on in the day, they stated that the update did a lot to improve stability.

Also included in the update is a new way for Epic to collect data when a problem with the app occurs. Using this new method, they are able to pinpoint issues faster. They did ask for players to report in-game issues when they occur.

Voice chat on iOS was eventually enabled for a brief period. After 30 minutes, it was disabled again so that Epic could dig through the data in an attempt to pinpoint the problem. The iOS version of Fortnite has had numerous issues with voice chat recently, and it’s been disabled for some time now.

We’ve embedded the Reddit post by Epic employee /u/FreightTrainUSA below.

Fortnite on the iPhone and iPad has come a long way since release. In v7.30 controller support was added. Recently, however, problems with crashing and lag have persisted.

Despite these recent issues, Fortnite on iOS has been a runaway success. At the time of writing Fortnite was the number one grossing app on the App Store (source). The mobile scene is growing. Mobile players are popular on Twitch, and some top players have been signed to professional organizations.

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