UPDATE: Click HERE for the Fortnite 8.11 patch notes.

Epic, via Twitter, has revealed the official release time and date for the upcoming 8.11 patch. Fortnite version 8.11 will drop tomorrow morning (3/20) at 5 AM EST. Here’s what we know about 8.11 so far.

The Flintlock Pistol

Fortnite's Upcoming 'Flint-Knock' Pistol
Fortnite’s Upcoming ‘Flint-Knock’ Pistol

We know that 8.11 will include the new Flintlock pistol. The Flintlock is a powder-based, one-shot weapon with high damage and a high reload time. The damage drop off at range makes this weapon less impressive, but we’re excited to try it out.

Social Improvements

Epic will be updating the in-game social services at around the same time the patch drops. We know that these updates will center around the friends list and party options. We have no further details at press time.

Epic has been pretty quiet about 8.11, that’s all we know for now. We’ll have breaking news coverage on the patch notes and all the changes tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 AM EST.

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