Ice Puck Challenge

UPDATE 1-12-19: You can also slide the puck off an airplane wing while flying to complete this.

Fortnite fans looking to complete all Season 7, Week 6 challenges rejoice, we have the exact location and method for easily marking the unique puck toss challenge off your list. For comparison’s sake, we were around tier 65 before completing any of this week’s challenges – without purchasing any tiers.

Fortnite Ice Puck Challenge Landing Spot
Land here to complete the ice puck challenge.
Credit: Epic Games / Screenshot by Fortnite Bunker

In order to complete it, we’ll need to land at Polar Peak in the southwestern corner of the map. Once landed, head over to the ramp near the entrance and toss your puck off the top towards the south.

Throw Puck In This Direction To Complete Fortnite's Ice Puck Challenge
Stand here and throw your puck down the ramp.
Credit: Epic Games

The puck will actually glide off the entire mountain from this spot and easily net you 150+ meters in a single throw, we actually got 202M on the first try. Watch the video below to see exactly where to land and what to do.

This was an interesting challenge that took a while to figure out, the secret is vertical distance – sliding the puck across the pond area above Greasy Grove seems like the obvious choice, but we weren’t able to break 150M there.

We hope to see more awesome, unique challenges like this one in the future. Need help completing the other Season 7, Week 6 challenges? Check out our Chilly Gnomes location map, or our complete guide on all of this week’s challenges.

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