The Competitive State of Fortnite in v8.20

Fortnite players will no longer be able to use stretched resolutions to gain a competitive advantage. In the latest state of competitive development post, Epic spells the end of stretched res as we know it. Starting soon, players using custom resolutions will have their vertical field of view locked. In competitive play (tournaments and Arena) the aspect ratio for all players will be locked at 16:9.

This move levels the playing field for all competitors. A distinct advantage could be gained by using stretched resolution, at the cost of aesthetics. Players who enjoyed the game on standard resolutions found themselves at a disadvantage when peaking corners and ramps.

Epic cares about the streaming ecosystem as well. Before this update, many top-players (who also stream) used stretched resolutions, which made the game hard to watch for some. This update solves that problem, as all players will be forced to play at standard aspect ratios.

Performance Issues

Epic also addressed some of the performance issues currently plaguing Fortnite. In 8.30, console players will have the ability to enable an FPS counter. While this doesn’t directly contribute to smoother frame rates, it allows Epic to observe in-game performance reports with more depth.

Arena Changes

Epic is aware of long queue times when playing at the top levels of Arena. To remedy the issue, they are working on allowing players to fight against each other on the starting island while in-line for their next match. This may seem like a simple solution, but it really makes Arena much more viable. For streamers, having 10 minute queue times is unacceptable, and a warm-up mode solves that problem.

If you’d like to read Epic’s blog post in it’s entirety, click here.

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