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Epic employees from the Fortnite dev team will be holding an AMA on Reddit. The “Ask Me Anything” event will allow users to submit questions and get answers in real time. It will take place from 1-2PM EST on February 22nd. You can submit questions and view responses in the official Reddit thread.

The AMA will focus solely on the Battle Royale side of Fortnite. There will be three Epic employees present:

The developers encouraged users to post their questions early. There were some clear standouts at press time.

Audio Quality

The most popular response involved audio quality. Several users bemoaned the current state of sound in Fortnite. One user went on to suggest that Epic look to Counter Strike to improve. There were numerous comments stating that it is too difficult to determine the location of enemies via sound.

Ranked Play

The second most popular question brought up the possibility of ranked play. A common concern of high-skilled players, the addition of a ranked game mode is a controversial one. Several comments noted that it’s addition would improve the game for all, while others argued that it would split the player-base.

Graphics Settings on Console

Another trending request involved graphical settings for consoles. Console performance has been a focal point of criticism in recent updates. Some players favor performance over fancy graphics. There are noticeable difference in input lag when switching from console to PC. Getting consoles to register inputs faster might allow console players to be more effective in PC lobbies.


Multiple users begged for a Save The World AMA. Some asked about tiers for the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass. One curious user wanted to know which Epic employee held the record for most wins. Also, there was a request to make the Driftboard a permanent item.

Fortnite Bunker will be there, and we’ll provide news coverage as it breaks.

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