Enviromental Campfire

In the v7.30 Content Update Epic added environmental campfires to Fortnite. We’ve counted close to 40 campfires total, and Reddit user /u/drewby_ has done an excellent job compiling all of them into an easy to read map that we’ve linked below.

Environmental campfires operate in the same way as itemized ‘Cozy’ campfires. They heal all players in a close vicinity for 2-ticks of health every second for 25-seconds. These campfires can turn the game around for an ailing squad fresh out of a firefight without healing items. All campfires can be used once per match. You can tell if a campfire has been used by the amount of wood surrounding it, an unused campfire will have visible blocks of wood sticking out.

Environmental campfires location map
Environmental Campfire Location Map via Reddit User /u/drewby_

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