the Flint-Knock pistol from Fortnite's 8.11 patch.

The ‘Flint-Knock’ pistol is more impressive than we had originally thought. On paper, the weapon is nothing special. The damage is high up close, but dissipates at range. It’s damage model is similar to the double-barrel shotgun from previous seasons. The reload time is pretty high as well at just over 3-seconds.

The gun has a knock back ability when fired in close proximity to a person or object. It knocks the target backwards, as well as the shooter. Players holding the weapon can fire it downwards into the ground to propel themselves upward. Check out the video below:

Players could use this knock-back feature in a variety of ways, one of them being to quickly gain height advantage in build fights. Reddit users commented that they had already started to see streamers using the weapon to gain height quickly. This could bring new life into the Flint-Knock pistol that many had written off as DOA. It will be interesting to see how it pairs with the recently revived ‘Impulse Grenade’.

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