Fortnite's Golden Balloon Challenge

As part of the Fortnite Season 7, Week 9 challenges players must locate and pop ten golden balloons. These balloons have been placed all over the map in some interesting and (sometimes) hard-to-find locations.

Given the abundance of silver balloons floating around the map in v7.20, it was obvious we were about to get a challenge to hunt them down.

There are actually around 20 or so balloons on the map, so if you can’t find one just move on to the next. We’ve used small red dots on our map to help give a more precise location of the balloons.

Fortnite Golden Balloons Location Map

Here is what they look like in-game:

Fortnite Golden Balloon Challenge In-Game Screenshot
In-game screenshot of one of the golden balloons you need to pop.

Need help with any of the other challenges from this week? Check out the Fortnite Bunker guide on how to complete all of the Season 7, Week 9 Fortnite challenges.

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