Fortnite graphical bug showing dead trees in Wailing Woods.

Redditor /u/mgcrevier encountered a bug Tuesday night that shows what could be a major Fortnite Season 8 spoiler. The image shows a dead Wailing Woods, giving off an apocalyptic vibe. This ties in well with the current Season 8 lore, but could be a simple graphical glitch. Check out the image below:

Over the past two weeks, cracks have started to form – predominantly in the northeast corner of the map near Wailing. This week, the grass and foliage around Wailing started to brown and burned.

The prisoner’s final stage, which is molten in appearance with flames licking off his shoulder, unlocks in the area just north of Wailing.

The third Season 8 teaser image reveals a volcano with ash spewing out.

Lastly, combining all of these data points shows us that something major will happen to Wailing Woods in Season 8. Since release, Wailing Woods has been relatively untouched from season to season.

This image could prove that the area will continue to be a part of the game instead of being completely nixed. It’s also possible that the area will take this form before Season 8 releases on Thursday morning.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker as we cover all aspects of Fortnite’s Season 8 release.

UPDATE: Check out our story on the final Fortnite Season 8 teaser image.

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