Fortnite's Ice King

Fortnite’s Ice King sphere event unfolded today at 2PM EST. Those who were lucky enough to get into a server saw the Ice King cover the entire map in a snow storm complete with extra fog. It’s worth noting that the entire map was covered in snow temporarily (for 1-day) back in late December, but did not have the added fog effect.

Fortnite’s first Ice Storm challenges have player’s defeating the invading Ice Legion.
Credit: Epic Games / Screenshot by Fortnite Bunker

Also new to the map are Ice Fiends of the Ice Legion. These enemies are very similar to the ones found in the Fortnitemares Halloween event. They spawn from ice crystals that protrude from the ground in random locations.

Giant ice crystals have formed around the map, they emit Ice Fiends.
Credit: Epic Games / Screenshot by Fortnite Bunker

Along with the Ice Storm event come Ice Storm Challenges. These are thirteen challenges total, that unlock two per day.

Day 1

  • For the first day we have to destroy 250 ice fiends. This can be done passively over the course of the event without issue. We racked up 20 ice fiend kills briefly in just one match.
  • At the same time, we’ll need to do 5,000 explosive damage to the Ice Legion. The RPG and Quad-Launcher will be our go-to’s for this.

Day 2

  • Today we’ll need to destroy 100 Ice Brutes and do 10,000 damage to the Ice Legion.

For completing six Ice Storm challenges will be rewarded with the blue metallic wrap (for weapons and vehicles) pictured below:

Blue Metallic Wrap
Blue Metallic Wrap
Credit: Epic Games

For completing all 13 challenges, players will be rewarded with the rare Winter’s Thorn glider, both of these items were previously revealed in a datamine.

Winter's Thorn Glider
Winter’s Thorn Glider
Credit: Epic Games

Stay updated on all the daily Ice Storm Challenges with Fortnite Bunker. We’ll have details on the next two as soon as they drop.

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