The Hypernova Fortnite Skin

‘Fortnite’ has been on a roll lately with tactical outfits. Just yesterday, we had had the new Instinct and Reflex skins in the item shop. Today, the Hypernova skin arrives with custom back bling and a new harvesting tool. Let’s take a look below.


Rare Outfit – 1,200 V-Bucks


Fortnite's Hypernova skin
Credit: Epic Games

This tactical outfit features orange and black colors with blue highlights. Includes a black vest and belt, and orange knee pads. Hypernova includes the Oscilloscope back bling, which is described in-game as “Dialed In.” The head gear is similar to that of the main character from Tom Clancy’s ‘Splinter Cell’. Part of the Tech Ops set.

The oscilloscope back bling included with Fortnite's Hypernova skin.
Credit: Epic Games

Brute Force

Uncommon Harvesting Tool – 500 V-Bucks


The Brute Force harvesting tool from Fortnite.
Credit: Epic Games

Brute Force matches Hypernova’s orange and blue color scheme. It features a tactical theme that goes well with any militaristic skin. Part of the Tech Ops set.

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