Fortnite Overtime Challenges

As part of Fortnite’s ‘Share The Love’ event and patch v7.40 release Epic presented players with a unique set of challenges. These challenges, known as the Overtime challenges, will net fans a free copy of the Season 8 Battle Pass upon completion.

The majority of these challenges are straight-forward and require simple eliminations or a top placement in a specific playlist. One of them, however, requires players to chase down waterfalls.

Fortnite Bunker has scouted out all the waterfalls for you. Listed below you’ll find a map and in-game screenshots detailing their exact locations.

Fortnite Waterfall Location Map
Fortnite Waterfall Location Map

Waterfalls #1-3

First, we’ll land at Loot Lake. There are 3 waterfalls here in close proximity of each other. You can land on one and circle around the lake to knock out the others, all while gathering that sweet Loot Lake loot.

Picture showing the Loot Lake waterfalls.
The first three waterfalls are located in Loot Lake.

Waterfall #4

Next, we’ll head south of the center of Loot Lake and head to the southern edge. Heading south, you’ll see Tilted Towers on your right and Murder Mountain on your left.

The next stop on our waterfall journey is just south of the center of Loot Lake, towards Tilted.

Waterfall #5

Moving on, the next waterfall we’ll look out for is just south of Viking Village. This one actually pours out of Viking Village into the Arctic portion of the map.

The waterfall near Viking Village.

Fun Fact: This is Fortnite’s largest waterfall.

Waterfall #6

Next, travel all the way from Viking Village down to the southern edge of the map. The waterfall is located just to the west of Lucky Landing and pours out into the southern ocean.

Southern Fortnite waterfall
This waterfall is on the southern edge of the map, you can see South Bridge in the background.

Waterfall #7

Head directly east of Lucky Landing towards the gas station. There is a small town there and just east of that is our seventh waterfall. This one is about a quadrant and a half south of Paradise Palms. There are some rifts that spawn on the lower ledge of the waterfall. You can use these rifts to directly land in our next waterfall location, which is close by.

Fortnite waterfall
Waterfall #7 is about 1.5 quadrants south of Paradise Palms.

Waterfall #8

Head northwest of waterfall #7, just north of the gas station to find our next waterfall. It’s located near a small pond that has a chest in the middle.

Fortnite waterfall
Head north of the gas station to find our next waterfall, located in a small lagoon with chests nearby.

Waterfall #9

We’re almost done. Let’s head all the way up to the north east portion of the map and into Lonely Lodge. Our next waterfall is a small one that is located just to the south east of the Lonely Lodge cabin, near the welcome sign.

Aerial shot of the waterfall near the Lonely Lodge cabin.
Chase this waterfall near the Lonely Lodge cabin.

Waterfall #10

Lastly, we’ll head all the way to the northern edge of the map near Lazy Links. This waterfall, like it’s southern counterpart, flows off the edge of the map into the ocean. Located in between the Block and Lazy Links.

The last waterfall is located on the northern edge of the map.
Our last waterfall is on the northern edge of the map.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker for details on the new Overtime challenges as soon as they unlock.

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