The new dig site has players collectively digging to reach the bottom.

Epic sneakily added a new dig site to the map near Paradise Palms. The construction crews near Salty Springs have now traveled to the Pirate Camp near Paradise Palms. A dig camp is now set up, and players themselves can join in on the digging.

The dig site, near Paradise Palms, contains chests hidden by rocks and a few random floor spawns. Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

That’s right, you can help to dig a hole in Fortnite. Players from around the community will collectively “dig” the site to reveal what is located underneath.

Back in early Season 7, players could collectively hack at the iceberg near Polar Peak to reveal what it contained. That time, it only took ten hours to complete. The only thing underneath was a mysterious hatch similar to the one in Wailing Woods. This time, however, it appears that it will be complete in 24-48 hours. This could very well change as more players become aware of the event.

Nobody really knows what is at the bottom of the dig site. In the hours after the 8.20 release, many data miners had concluded that the dig site would be near Dusty Divot – with many news sites publishing that Dusty would see a renovation. We had our doubts, and we were right. The current digging area is nowhere near Dusty Divot.

What’s at the bottom? We’ll know very soon. Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

If you would like to join in on the digging, head to the Pirate Camp just west of Paradise Palms. Take a look at the map below for the exact location.

Map showing the location of Fortnite's new dig site.
Map showing the location of Fortnite’s new dig site.

Check back soon for more information on what’s underneath the dig site. e

UPDATE: It’s a Geyser

The digging has completed, there is a geyser underneath all of the rocks. A Reddit user actually captured the moment when the last stone was broken. After breaking the stone, he was shot up in to the air by a geyser. See the video below.

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