The X4-Stormwing

The Fortnite Weekly challenges have refreshed, and Fortnite Bunker has gathered all information needed to complete all of them in a timely fashion. If you are a regular player, you have probably already unlocked the Ice King. Let’s jump in and get these challenges wrapped up.

Image of the Season 7, Week 10 challenges.
Season 7, Week 10 Challenges

Place A Mounted Turret or Damage Trap in Different Matches (0/3)

This challenges requires you to use traps or turrets in different matches, all you need to do is place them – nothing else. If you jump in the Team Rumble LTM, you can almost always get a turret from a drop – and they’re very frequent in that mode.

Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot (0/7)

A self-explanatory challenge, all you need to do to complete this one is to open chests at either location. This challenge does not require 7 from each, it can be mixed and matched. Expect these locations to be busy all week. Fortnite Bunker recommends jumping into the Team Rumble LTM to complete quickly.

Assault Rifle Eliminations (HARD) (0/3)

Epic always marks these as hard, but it’s actually one of the easiest challenges we see. Nothing special here, this challenge can be completed passively during any game mode.

Deal Damage with Scoped Weapons to Opponents (0/200)

This challenge can be completed with 1-bullet if using a sniper and shooting in the head. Other scoped weapons include the Scoped Revolver, the Scoped Assault Rifle, and the Thermal Scoped Assualt Rifle.

Get a Score of 5 or More at the Shooting Gallery East of Wailing Woods

Map of shooting galleries for the Season 7, Week 10 challenge.
Shooting Galleries Location Map

This is a three-stage challenge that involves three shooting ranges. The first one is located (as the challenge says) just east of Wailing Woods.

Shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods.
The shooting gallery east of Wailing Woods.
Credit: Epic Games

The second shooting range is located just north of Retail Row in a wooded area (just south of containers).

The shooting gallery north of Retail Row.
The shooting gallery north of Retail Row.
Credit: Epic Games

The final shooting range is located just east of Paradise Palms. It’s in the coastal area to the south of the Racetrack.

The shooting gallery east of Paradise Palms.
The shooting gallery east of Paradise Palms.
Credit: Epic Games

If you’re fast, you can knock all three of these out in one round – but don’t be discourage if you don’t.

Visit Expedition Outposts in a Single Match (0/4)

This one will require the use of a plane. In order to complete this challenge you’ll need to drop in at one of the Expedition Outposts on the map below, then fly an X4-Stormwing over 3 other locations. This challenge can be completed quickly in the Team Rumble LTM.

Map of Expedition Outposts in Fortnite.
Expedition Outposts Map

Hit an Opponent with a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in Different Matches

This is arguably the hardest challenge of the week, we recommend dropping into the Team Rumble LTM on this one. Look for concentrated areas of enemies to increase your chances, and consider dropping in a less-populated area to get more loot (and increase your chances of getting one of these items).

That’s all for this week, check in with Fortnite Bunker next Thursday for a complete breakdown of all the weekly challenges. Need help with other Season 7 Challenges? Check out our Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, and Week 9 guides.

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