The X4-Stormwing

The new Fortnite challenges are here. Every Thursday Epic releases a new set of Battle Pass challenges that allow players to earn stars for Battle Pass tiers – which unlock outfits, emotes, and more.

This week is rather easy compared to last, most of the challenges are self-explanatory.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 Challenges
Fortnite Season 7, Week 7 Challenges

Visit All Expedition Outposts

A very easy challenge, see our expedition outposts map below. Hop in an X4-Stormwing to get these done quick.

Expedition Outpost Locations in Fortnite
Expedition Outpost Location Map

Use a Rift or Rift-To-Go in Different Matches (3)

Another insanely easy challenge. There is a permanent rift that spawns in the middle of Wailing Woods. Rifts also commonly spawn in numerous spots around the map, there are almost always rifts at the motel spot west of Lazy Links (near the umbrella) and north of Paradise Palms. You’ll need to hit one of these in three different matches to complete.

Pistol Eliminations (3)

What a great excuse to use the amazing Hand Cannon, or the new scoped revolver.

Stage 1: Land at Salty Springs

  • Stage 2: Land at Happy Hamlet
  • Stage 3: Land at Wailing Woods (You can hit the rift there to work on the previous challenge listed above.)
  • Stage 4: Land at Junk Junction
  • Stage 5: Land at Paradise Palms

Search Chests at Loot Lake or Frosty Flights

Self-explanatory, if you are having trouble getting beaten to chests – try landing on the ones that are in the outer perimeter of the area.

Destroy Flying X-4 Stormwings

This one is doable in normal play, however, if you are just looking to get it done as quickly as possible we have a method.

  1. Find an X-4 Stormwing on the ground.
  2. Shoot it until it has almost 0 health.
  3. Jump in and fly into the sky.
  4. Jump out of the plane and shoot it on the way down.

Damage Opponents in a Single Match

This is a three stage challenge that simply requires you to do damage to opponents. The first stage requires 200 damage, the second requires 300 damage, and the final stage requires you to do 400 damage to opponents in a single match.

That’s all for this week, if you are still trying to complete some of the Season 7, Week 6 challenges check out our complete guide.

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