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Fortnite Season 7, Week 8 Challenges
Fortnite Season 7, Week 8 Challenges
Credit: Epic Games / Screenshot by Fortnite Bunker

The new Season 7, Week 8 challenges are here. This week we have more of the same generic challenges, most are self-explanatory and can be completed by just grinding the game – which is something you are probably used to if you’ve been trying to complete all of the Ice Storm Challenges this week. If you’ve kept up all of the challenges you will be only a week away from earning the secret Season 7 Snowfall Outfit – which we’ll get to see next Thursday for the first time.

Place a Cozy Campfire or a Launch Pad in different matches (3)

This one is very self-explanatory, simply drop into an LTM and loot until you receive a campfire or launch pad – then place it. You’ll need to do this in 3 separate matches in order to complete. If you’re still working on the Ice King challenges, you can farm the Ice Legion for a chance at receiving these items.

Build Structures (250)

This is the easiest challenge of the bunch, and was originally added several seasons ago to encourage new players to build – we’re a bit past that point though.

Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed (1) (HARD)

This battlestar is located just to the east of Wailing Woods, we’ve made a separate post on this challenge with in-game screenshots of the exact location.

Stage 1: Visit Paradise Palms and Salty Springs in a single match (3)

  • Stage 2: Visit Junk Junction and Loot Lake in a single match (1)
  • Stage 3: Visit Haunted Hills and Wailing Woods in a single match (1)

This challenge has three stages and operates the same as the previous week’s. The best way to complete these in quick fashion is via the X-4 Stormwing airplane. You can find an airplane at any expedition outpost.

Search Chests at Shifty Shafts or Lonely Lodge

Another self-explanatory challenge. These spots will likely be hot for the next few days – you can avoid the stat hit by doing this challenge in an LTM. You just need 7 chests from either location, not 7 from each – you can mix and match as well.

Deal damage to opponents while riding in a vehicle (100) (HARD)

To complete, we recommend grabbing a Quad Crasher and having a friend ferry you around – preferably in an LTM such as Team Rumble. Only 100 damage is required, so a knock or two is all you need. This could also be completed from a plane.

Explosive Weapon Eliminations (3) (HARD)

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to eliminate three people using grenades, dynamite, a grenade launcher, or rocket launcher. The reviled quad-launcher would have been a prime candidate for completing this challenge – but it was vaulted earlier this week. This challenge is best completed in an LTM.

That’s all for this week, we’ll be back next Thursday with a complete break-down of the Season 7, Week 9 challenges. Need help with the previous weeks? Check out our week 6 and week 7 guides.

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