The Fortnite Season 8, Week 5 challenges.

It’s Thursday, and that means a fresh batch of Fortnite challenges is here. We’ve got some pretty straightforward, but time consuming, challenges to cover this week. This also marks the halfway point of Season 8, the final weekly challenges will unlock in just 35-days.

We’ve also got some new lore developing, a new dig site has opened up near Paradise Palms. It will be exciting to see how this story line develops throughout the rest of the season.

Let’s get started on those challenges!

Free Challenges

Deal damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents (0/200)

We see variants of this challenge all the time, and it always ends up being one of the easiest to complete. Grab a sniper, scoped AR, or the scoped revolver and do 200 damage to opponents in any game mode.

Search chests at Paradise Palms or Shifty Shafts (0/7)

If you play quite a bit, you can complete this one passively. Otherwise, drop in to Paradise or Shifty and open chests as quickly as possible. As usual, these locations will be absolutely poppin’ until a majority of players complete it. While your at Paradise, pop on over to the new dig site located to the west.

Complete a lap of the Race Track at Happy Hamlet (0/1)

Many players may not know this, but there is actually a race track surrounding Happy Hamlet. To complete this challenge, grab a vehicle and do a lap. Ballers spawn at the starting point, making this a fairly simple task.

Here’s the starting point of the track:

Start your laps here with the provided Baller vehicles. Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

Here’s an aerial view of the track:

The track is much simpler than it seems, as seen in this aerial view. Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

Battle Pass Challenges

Get 15 bounces in a single throw with the Bouncy Ball toy (0/1)

We love these types of challenges because they are easy but require a bit of thought to complete. There are two places on the map ideal for getting 15 bounces in a single throw.

The first thing we’ll do is equip the Bouncy Ball toy to our emote wheel. Then, we’ll enter a match, gather some wood, and build a simple fort with floor and roof. Then, throw the ball! It’s that easy, you can complete this challenge anywhere on the map. Check out our exclusive video below.

Stage 1 of 3 – Gain shields from Mushrooms (0/50)

Epic likes to throw these time-consuming challenges in to get players to use the new ‘Party Assist’ feature. We recommend doing this in squad play or team rumble with friends. The second part of this challenge requires you to use small shields, and the third requires large shields. Once again, you can do all of these challenges passively with your friends using the Party Assist feature.

Use a Volcano Vent, a zipline, and a vehicle in the same match (0/3)

This one may look hard, but with a little planning we can get it done on the first try. We’ve made a separate post that will show you how to use a volcano vent, a zipline, and a vehicle as quickly as possible.

Eliminate opponents at Pirate Camps (0/3)

While this can be done passively, it will be faster to knock this out in one go. We’ve got the perfect location to do it at. As mentioned previously, there is a new dig site opened up near the Pirate Camp west of Paradise Palms. As players flock to the area to check out the new lore, you can post up at the nearby Pirate Camp to rack up eliminations.

Below is an image of the exact Pirate Camp we are referring to.

A pirate camp from Fortnite's Season 8 release.
Drop at this Pirate Camp and pick off nearby dig site observers. Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

Need help with the other Season 8 challenges? Check out our challenges section for more helpful guides.

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