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Epic has released three new challenges for Fortnite players to complete ahead of the Marshmello event. The challenges surfaced on the morning of January 31st as part of the weekly challenge reset. The Marshmello concert is being held in Pleasant Park on February 2nd (Saturday) at 2 P.M. EST. Several leaked items in the v7.30 patch pointed to a concert, and these challenges confirm it. Marshmello himself has confirmed via his tour schedule that he will be performing in Pleasant Park on the 2nd.

In-game screenshot of the Fortnite Showtime Challenges
Fortnite Showtime Challenges

The first challenge has the player search for a “Showtime Poster”, this posted is located in Pleasant Park on the south wall of the gas station. See the pictures below for the exact location.

Fortnite Showtime Challenge #1 Map: Search a Showtime Poster
Showtime Challenge #1 Map: Search a Showtime Poster
In-game screenshot of the Showtime Challenge #1 location.
The showtime poster in-game.

The first challenge reward, titled Mellow Made It Right, is an uncommon spray featuring Marshmello.

Mello Made It Right Spray

The second reward, which has been previously leaked, is the Keep It Mello emote, this is a rare emote that users will be able to perform during Saturday’s concert.

Icon for the Keep It Mello emote.
The reward for completing the second Showtime Challenge is the Keep It Mello emote.

Lastly, the final Showtime Challenge emote is the Marshy Smasher, a rare harvesting tool.

The Marshy Smasher pickaxe
Marshy Smasher Pickaxe

Check back here for updates and how-to’s relating to the second and third challenges.

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