Female Fortnite Outfit

Unlocking a larger female player base is the key to future growth.

At the 2019 GDC Conference, Epic Games revealed that Fortnite has now surpassed 250 million players. Furthermore, in an interview wtih VentureBeat, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney states that 50 million of those players have started playing since December. That equates to around a half million new players every day. In the world of gaming, these are staggering numbers. Unheard of numbers. Culture changing numbers.
A whopping 10.8 million of those players are playing the game at any given time.

The Demographics

The demographics might surprise you. According to Verto Analytics, 37 million of those players are over the age of 35. A staggering 27% of all Fortnite gamers are female. That’s almost a third of all players. But why though? Fortnite is a social phenomenon. A game that isn’t just fun mechanically, but one that creates interesting interactions with other people organically. Your friends play, and you play with them. Attracting more female players is a key aspect of Fortnite’s future growth. We havea feeling that Epic will be looking in that direction in the future. It just makes sense, 27% is a very high number, but it could be higher.

Apex Who?

EA’s ‘Apex Legends’ was once considered a threat to Fortnite’s dominance. Truth be told, Fortnite gained more players since Apex’s release than Apex currently has. Fortnite shattered it’s non-event concurrent player record twice after Apex was released. Sweeney went on to elaborate that Fifa is the only game that puts a dent into Fortnite play-time, but only at it’s peak.

A Changing Industry

Fortnite players battling each other.
‘Fortnite’ is avaiable on all platforms, and is free to play. All revenue comes from non-essential item purchases.

Fortnite is a juggernaut. We know that it’s damaging traditional game publishers. We also know that it’s altering the spending habits of gaming consumers as a whole. In the future, we’ll likely see major publishers scramble to harness the power of Fortnite’s free-to-play model. The average AAA game hits the shelves at $60, Fortnite players have spent an average of $85 since release – for items that are strictly cosmetic in nature.

It’s clear that Fortnite is still growing rapidly. Will it ever end? We’re not so sure.

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