Fortnites' Suppressed Sniper

Planes & Boom Boxes Nerfed, Dual Pistols Return

The Fortnite v7.10 Content Update #3 is here! This update includes the suppressed sniper rifle, numerous nerfs to controversial in-game items, and more.

New Suppressed Sniper

The suppressed sniper rifle trades power for stealth. Notably, this is a bolt-action rifle that requires a reload after each shot.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: LOW

Dual Pistols Return

The dual pistols have been unvaulted after a 2-month hiatus.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: LOW

Burst Rifles Vaulted

The common, uncommon, and rare burst rifles (gray, green, and blue) have been vaulted. This item has been around since the origin of Fortnite and it’s removal will have a strong impact on the overall loot pool. There was a point in time, albeit a long time ago, when top-tier players would pick up a blue burst over an epic Scar. Only the epic and legendary variants remain.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: HIGH

Six-Shooter Vaulted

No surprise here, the Six-Shooter was arguably the most ineffective weapon ever introduced. The animations, however, were top-notch and will be missed.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: LOW

Boom Box Changes

The Boom Box has been nerfed. The duration has been shortened to 18-seconds (originally 24), health reduced to 400 (introduced at 600), and the drop-rate has been decreased by 33%.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: LOW

X-4 Stormwing Nerfed

Planes now spawn 80% of the time, rather than every time. The mounted gun now has a 75% larger spread, knock-back to players hit by planes has been reduced by 70%, damage done to structures rammed by planes has been reduced significantly, and damage done to planes when hitting structures has increased by 50%. These changes are likely to make “plane-trolling” less viable, but fail to address concerns that planes add too much mobility in squads and duos.

Fortnite Bunker Impact Analysis: MEDIUM

This update also adds numerous changes to Save The World and Creative modes, you can view the patch notes in their entirety here.

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