Fortnite Chiller Grenade

Fortnite fans rejoice, the v7.30 update has arrived. There are big changes to this update that will have a high-impact on the game going forward. We’ll analyze the most important points and then list the complete patch notes after.

The Vaults

The biggest change to the game in multiple patches is the various vaulted item changes in v7.30. A staple of the game since release, the bolt-action sniper rifles have all been vaulted. Snipers, in general, have been very prevalent lately – and with the addition of the suppressed-sniper in v7.20 things were starting to feel a little crowded in that loot pool. Last week, Epic made another high-impact change to sniper rifles when they adjusted the trajectory of all snipers to that of the heavy sniper.

Next on the chopping block, all SMG’s have been vaulted. Not the compact SMG, but all regular variants of the SMG are gone. All silenced SMG’s have been unvaulted. This is clearly a move by Epic to shake up the meta a bit, and we expect regular SMG’s to return at some point down the road.

The Famas, also known as the burst rifle has been vaulted. This shuts the book on all burst rifles, as Epic removed the common, uncommon, and rare rifles several weeks ago.

Lastly, the heavy shotgun has been vaulted in all variants. The heavy shotgun is supposed to be a high-value version of the tactical shotgun. Most players did not view it favorably and it was common to pick up a rare pump shotgun in favor of a legendary heavy.

Client-Side Edits Return

Client-side editing, which does not rely on the server when a user performs an edit, and allows for much faster editing, has returned. It was briefly introduced and then removed prior to the v7.20 release due to a bug. This change is expected to vastly improve the editing abilities of console players.

Chiller Grenades

We’re going to mention the Chiller Grenades because it is a new item, but this will have minimal impact on the game as expected. The Chiller Grenade knocks an opponent (or ally) back and freezes their feet, causing them to slide away. The duration is 7-seconds and the majority of usage will be against teammates.

You can view the complete patch notes, direct from Epic by clicking here. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks how these major loot pool changes will affect the meta.

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