The X4-Stormwing

Epic Games announced via Twitter today that the v7.40 Content Update is coming Tuesday morning at 8AM EST. This update will be smaller in size than a full-blown patch, but will contain the Driftboard.

Epic had previously teased the Driftboard back in December’s v7.10 release, but pulled it at the last minute due to stability problems. As previously reported by Fortnite Bunker, the Driftboard is likely to accompany a new Driftin’ LTM that showcases the item.

The Driftboad from Fortnite
Fortnite’s v7.40 Content Update will include the Driftboard.

Epic stated that there will be no downtime required for this update, which is common for content updates. A client restart will be necessary.

There are two minor fixes on the Fortnite Trello page that show as fixed in a future release. The first issue marked is related to music not playing the first time an emote is used and the other issue involves a performance drop when a mouse, keyboard, and controller are all plugged in at the same time.

Farewell Season 7

Fortnite's Prisoner Skin

This content update will be last major update before Season 8 launches at the end of February. Season 7 has seen a variety of changes to the game overall. Last week’s v7.40 update changed default playlists to Pop-Up Cup settings, neutered the Hand Cannon, and introduced the Infantry Rifle to Battle Royale.

We have several loose ends to tie up on the Lore front, with Earthquakes and fissures occurring daily. How these events tie in with the fire-themed Prisoner skin and the Ice King remains to be seen. There is speculation that an area near Wailing Woods will be transformed into a Volcano-themed biome.

Xbox Stability Update

Epic also announced via Reddit that an Xbox stability update will drop tonight at 6PM EST. The Xbox received a hotfix earlier this week that resolved keyboard and mouse issues on the platform. No further details were available at press time.

UPDATE: We have initial reports that there are some stability issues with the Xbox update. Some users have reported problems with their mouse and keyboard as well. We’ll update this post when we have more information.

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