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The highly-anticipated Fortnite v7.40 patch has been released. This update is a big one, and included are several major changes to both game play and items.

Infantry Rifle Added

First, the Infantry Rifle has been added. The Infantry Rifle is semi-automatic and does 41,43, and 45 damage (depending on rarity). The headshot multiplier is 2x. The jury is still out on how effective the weapon actually is, but early results appear to be promising.

The new Infantry Rifle weapon.
The new Infantry Rifle added in v7.40.

New Limited Time Mode

A new LTM titled ‘Catch!’ is coming. In Catch!, all weapons have been removed and players will fight each other with various explosive items, along with some vaulted classics such as the impulse, smoke, and shockwave grenades.

Also, the Fortnite Bunker-staff favorite ‘Team Rumble’ LTM has been altered slightly so that the circle is less likely to land on the center of the map.

Bush Improvements

The bush might actually be worth picking up now. A transparent effect has been added so that the player can see better. Previously the bush reduced the visibility to a nearly unplayable level. Also, the bush now allows you to take damage once before disappearing (and doesn’t go away with fall damage).

Overall movement visibility has been improved.

Image demonstrating the new transparency effect of the bush.
Transparency has been added to the bush.
Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

The ADS view with the bush equipped allows for much better visibility.

Image demonstrating the increased visibility of using ADS with a bush equipped in Fortnite v7.40.
Aiming down sights with the bush equipped is much more viable in patch v7.40.
Credit: Epic Games via Fortnite Bunker

Hand Cannon Nerfs

As reported previously by Fortnite Bunker, the Hand Cannon has been nerfed. Player damage remains the same, but structural damage has been reduced significantly. One of the strong points of the Deagle was that it could destroy a wood structure in one shot, that is no longer the case.

Structure damage caused by the Epic variant has been reduced to 100 (down from 150), and the Legendary variant has been reduced to 105 (down from 157).

Rocket Launcher Changes

Epic took several steps this patch to move away from the explosive meta. One of them was increasing the reload time on Rocket Launchers. The exact time increases are listed below.

  • The Epic variant reload time has increased to 3.42 seconds from 2.66 seconds.
  • The Legandary variant’s reload time increased to 3.24 seconds from 2.52 seconds.

While these changes will negatively impact the effectiveness a significant way, they also changed the availability. Rocket Launchers will no longer drop from chests but will spawn at an increased rate (up to 50% from 25%) from supply drops.

Grenades Vaulted, Clingers Unvaulted

Grenades, which have been a staple of the game since launch, have been vaulted. Clingers have been unvaulted, they were previously put into the vault way back in early-December. With how things have been trending, it’s fair to say that we’ll see grenades come back in the future. Epic likes to continually make adjustments to the meta to keep things fresh.

Pop-Up Cup Settings Now Universal

The biggest change in v7.40 is the addition of Pop-Up Cup rules to default playlists. Eliminations now grant players with 50 health (or shield, if your health is full or close to full) and 150 mats (50 of each). Furthermore, all materials have been capped at 500 each and the harvest rate has been increased by 40%. These are major changes to the meta, and will reward players who adhere to a more aggressive play style.

Planes No Longer Damage Structures

The X4-Stormwing will no longer damage large structures. Specifically, no player-built structure can be damaged by the Stormwing. This is a change that we knew was coming, and player reaction has been largely positive.

Zipline Changes

Ziplines have been a point of frustration since their implementation. Players often fell from them or got caught on them when building. Now, Epic has taken drastic steps to resolve these issues. In order to use a Zipline, you’ll now need to prompt to do so – and if you fall from one you will no longer take any damage.

Final Circle Changes

The final circle now moves 48% further away from the previous circle. Naturally, Epic had to slow down the transfer time in order to facilitate the further distance – the final circle now shrinks in 75-seconds (previously it was 45-seconds).

There are a plethora of smaller changes included in the massive update that we did not cover here, for a complete list click here to read the official patch notes in their entirety.

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