Bugs in Fortnite's v8.0 release.

Fortnite’s v8.0 release has been smooth sailing for most, but there are some prominent bugs that are being worked on. We’ll only be talking about bugs that have not been fixed as of press time. There have been several that have been promptly resolved by Epic

  • Sprint By Default – Not working correctly as of v8.0. Now fixed on PC, a fix for other platforms is coming next week.
  • Epic/Purple Vending Machines – Some have bandages for sale at a price of 300 wood. Bandages are a common item and should not be there.
  • The New Party Assist Feature – Users are not able to enable Party Assist for some of the bottom Week 1 challenges because of a UI issue.
  • In-Game Parties – The “Leave Party” button is no longer present in the UI.
  • Driftwood Wrap (Mobile Only) – When some players tap the driftwood wrap in the Battle Pass UI the game crashes.
  • Airheart (iOS Only) – The hair is not rendering correctly on iOS devices.
  • Mouse Support (PS4 Only) – Players cannot control mouse sensitivity on the PS4 console.
  • Balloons – If a player is riding a driftboard and reaches max height, the “balloon pop” sound plays in a loop.

Epic has acknowledged all of these issues in a post on Reddit. They also stated that all are currently being investigated and worked on. As stated previously, there have been several bugs that have been hotfixed since the v8.0 release. Players were not dropping mats after eliminations, this was fixed hours later. Also, the “no-fill” option in Playground mode was not working, this has been fixed. Finally, a game-breaking bug causing pickaxes to not do damage (you couldn’t farm for mats) has been fixed by Epic.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker as we cover all aspects of Fortnite’s Season 8 release.


Epic has released a hotfix that resolves the issue with Sprinting on PC. They have stated that a fix for other platforms is coming next week.

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