Fortnite's Legendary Assault Rifle

Fortnite Season 8 has arrived, and with it several game play changes and nerfs. One of those nerfs applies to the long-standing king of Battle Royale, the assault rifle. Lower quality AR’s will be much more prevalent in the game. This is in stark contrast to Season 7, when high-end AR’s were commonplace and taken for granted. It’s worth noting that the overall number of assault rifles in the loot pool will remain the same. Let’s look at some percentages.

Assault Rifle Drop-Rates In Fortnite v8.0

Common Assault Rifle (Silver)

Increased chance of receiving to 56.30% (up from 48.56%)

Uncommon AR (Green)

Increased chance of receiving to 28.15% (up from 26.83%)

Rare AR (Blue)

Decreased the chance of receiving to 10.91% (down from 16.17%).

Epic Scar (Purple)

Reduced the chance of receiving down to 3.52% (down from 7.02%).

Legendary Scar (Gold)

Reduced the chance of receiving down to 1.13% (down from 1.82%).

These are some dramatic changes, your likely hood of receiving a Scar in a match is essentially cut in half. The Scar has always been a good weapon, and Epic believes that getting a high-tier AR in a match should be a special thing. Now, getting a legendary Scar is going to be really special, around 1 in 100 chests will drop one.

The Impact On The Meta

This nerf, affecting the rare, epic, and legendary AR’s will increase the stock value of the Heavy AR, also known as the “AK”. The suppressed scar has significant bloom that makes it less desirable, but the reduction of premium AR’s may make this a viable weapon choice. Overall, this will have a significant impact on the meta – but there are alternatives available that suit most players needs.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker as we continue to cover all aspects of Fortnite’s v8.0 release. Click here to view the patch notes.

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