Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games announced via Twitter that the Fortnite World Cup will start April 13th and will boast an impressive $100,000,000 prize pool. The series will start with ten weekly qualifiers. These open events will feature $1,000,000 in weekly prizes with lots of paid placements.

Live Finals In July

The series will culminate in the World Cup Finals, featuring the top 100 solo and top 50 duo players. The Finals will be held in New York City July 26-28th. That two day event will feature a monstrous $3,000,000 prize pool. Every player who makes it to the finals will be guaranteed $50,000. The solos champion will earn $300,000. As usual, there was no mention of squad play in the announcement. It is likely that Epic will hold smaller events featuring squads and trios. The Finals will feature the largest purse of any tournament in e-sports history.

“The Finals will feature the largest purse of any tournament in e-sports history. “

Other Formats

Battle Royale won’t be the only format to get the tournament treatment, Epic says that other types of competitions will be held. An growing population of players are engaging in custom challenge maps, and a related tourney would certainly foster that growth.

A Million Per Week

Lastly, Epic will award $1,000,000 in weekly Fortnite tournaments for the remainder of 2019. The announcement also mentioned that Epic would offer cash prizes to select partners for their own custom tournaments. We recently saw Epic provide $10,000 for the “Death Run 3.0” tournament ran by Cizzorz.

New Challenges

This impressive layout of tournament prizes comes as Fortnite faces fresh competition from Apex Legends. With this much money on the line, it will be hard for professional players to ignore. Epic has been vying for top-streamers to return to the game since the release of Apex.

Apex has topped Fortnite on Twitch since it’s release on February 4th. Time will tell if the World Cup purse is enough to return Fortnite to Twitch dominance. Epic recently announced that it had recently broken a concurrent player record. Twitch may not be having the impact everyone thought it was.

Elevated Competition

Epic recently provided select influencers the ability to run custom matches. It will be interesting to see how competitive Fortnite evolves between now and then, as custom servers allow pros to practice with other pros in a controlled environment.

How To Play In The World Cup

To compete in the Fortnite World Cup you must be 13-years old and your account must be in good standing. The open qualifiers will be held in-game. To register, you’ll just need to head to the events tab and start playing.

Fortnite Bunker will keep you updated on all future details related to the World Cup.

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