Fortnite's Driftboard

Epic announced via Reddit that the Driftboard will remain in Fortnite for the upcoming v8.0 update. The fate of the Driftboard was previously unknown. When first introduced, the Driftboard came with a disclaimer stating that it was for a limited time only – that has now changed.

Many players in the community have requested that the Driftboard become a permanent item. Developers stated during the Reddit AMA last week that they were considering keeping it in the loot pool.

Reaction to the Driftboard has been positive, with one Reddit user stating that it is a balanced item that is also fun to user. It is the only vehicle that you can shoot and use at the same time, but you are unable to build. Also, there is a delay in exiting the vehicle – which helps keep it balanced.

They can also be used by Epic to create unique challenges. Some players have complained that challenges are getting stale. Doing tricks and getting big air on Driftboards could add some variety to challenges in Season 8.

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