A crack in the ground appears near the Block in Fortnite.

For the past couple of weeks Fortnite players have observed the occasional tremor in-game. These small earthquakes are now accompanied by cracks in the in-game map. This event is known in the community as the “Cracken” event and is a build-up to the map change coming in Season 8.

Reddit users on /r/FortniteLeaks have datamined the game files and determined that the tremors will continue all the way up until the end of Season 7.

The Tremor Schedule

Listed below is the schedule that was datamined and created by Reddit user /u/FortniteFevers. At press time, these times were accurate. A quick analysis shows that these tremors occur at set times, but with no pattern. Some days have only one tremor, while others have three.

Fortnite Earthquake Schedule Credit: Reddit User /r/FortniteFevers

We do not have leaks that show the strength of the earthquakes, but it’s safe to assume that they will increase in intensity as time goes on.

Cracks In The Map

At first it was just one, but now we have several cracks in the crust of the map. The first crack appeared in-between Loot Lake and Tomato Temple, near the underground tunnel. The second and third cracks spawned on either side of the bridge that seperates the Block and Lazy Links. The fourth crack appeared near Wailing Woods, just east of containers. The fifth crack appears north of Dusty Diner and the 6th crack north-east of the block. The latest crack (number 7) appears west of Dusty Diner.

If the cracks continue at their current pace, we’ll have cracks all over the map well before Season 8 starts. Based on proximity, it is easy to assume that something will happen in the northeast corner of the map, but that could be where they start. Recently we’ve seen cracks open up closer to the middle of the map.

The Blip

Two-days ago, Reddit user /u/Jmayer219 had a weird blip of lag at the start of a match that could have possibly revealed a different-looking Wailing Woods.

Season 7 Wailing Woods Changes
Screengrab from /u/Jmayer219’s Video Showing an Altered Wailing Woods

The map hasn’t changed geographically, but it does appear darker and burned. We can’t confirm whether this was a weird glitch or an actual view of what the map would look like at the end of season 7. However, it would make sense to have some kind of fire or volcano alter the map. Earthquakes and fissures are associated with lava, and Stage 4 of the Prisoner skin has fire coming off of him.

With the ice and snow in the southeast corner of the map, the prisoner (a possible Fire King to counter the Ice King revealed earlier in Season 7) melting out of captivity, the tremors, and cracks it is safe to assume that major changes will be coming to the map in Season 8. Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker as this story will be updated with major developments.

UPDATE: Fortnite leakers have discovered the locations of most of the upcoming cracks by datamining the game files. Twitter user HeyStani was able to find 21 of the 25 cracks and posted the following map.

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