Fortnite's Getaway LTM

Fortnite’s Getaway challenges have launched with unique rewards. The challenges are all fairly simple. They range from playing and winning matches of the Getaway LTM, damaging Jewel carrying opponents, and using the Grappler in matches.

The rewards for the challenges are the Crystal Llama Back Bling, a unique wrap, a loading screen, the Crowbar, and a contrail. Three of the rewards items are leftovers from the last Getaway event. Players who earned those items the last time around will show the challenges as completed.

Check out the image from Reddit below for a list of all challenges.

This is what the Crystal Llama Back Bling looks like. A popular request on Reddit last year was to have the llama as a Back Bling reward.

Fortnite's Crystal Llama Back Bling
The ‘Crystal Llama’ Back Bling is a reward for completing Getaway challenges and comes in three different colors.

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