The 'Laguna' Starter Pack for Fortnite.

Epic has released Fortnite’s highly-anticipated ‘Laguna’ starter pack. The cost is $4.99 in the United States and includes an Outfit, Wrap, Back Bling, and V-Bucks. This starter pack features a tropical theme that fits right in with the rest of the Season 8 vibes.

What’s Included


The 'Laguna' skin from Fortnite's new starter pack.
The ‘Laguna’ skin from the new starter pack.

The ‘Laguna’ skin popped up in the game files after the 8.1 release. ‘Laguna’ is a minimalist female skin with a tactical theme. She wears a red shirt and khaki pants, with a red knee pad and light-brown leather boots. This skin will surely be a hit among the sweats. Actually, this Starter Pack is such a good deal that ‘Laguna’ might take down the soccer skin to become the sweatiest skin around. That’s not a bad thing.

Pineapple Strummer

The 'Pineapple Strummer' Back Bling included with the new starter pack.
The ‘Pineapple Strummer’ Back Bling included with the new starter pack.

The Pineapple Strummer is a gorgeous ‘Pineapple’ ukulele Back Bling. It goes very well with Season 8’s Caribbean theme and even has a nice white tropical flower attached. This would go well when paired with the Lifeguard set, or even the ‘Marino’ skin from last week.

Pineapple Wrap

The 'Pineapple' Wrap included with the new Fortnite Starter Pack.
The ‘Pineapple’ wrap included in the new Starter Pack.

Wraps are very collectible, and this one pairs perfectly with the ukulele mentioned above. You won’t be able to get this wrap anywhere outside of the Starter Pack. We’re excited to see how this one looks on the pump shotguns and snipers. Who could resist a Pineapple Hand Cannon?

Where To Buy

This Starter Pack is not available in the Item Shop. You must go to the ‘Store’ tab to purchase. Starter Pack purchases go directly through your platform’s store (Playstation Store, Microsoft store, etc.) The Starter Pack has a cost of $4.99 and must be purchased with real currency, you can not use existing V-Bucks.

Also included with the Starter Pack is 600 V-Bucks. All of these items purchased individually would be approximately 3,900 V-Bucks (or around $39). Epic really goes for value with the Starter Packs and this one is no exception. A great deal for any Fortnite player looking to add some really cool tropical items to their gear collection.

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