Mezmer and Sunbird Fortnite skins

The Sun Soldiers set has arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop. This set features two new skins, a glider, and a harvesting tool. Mezmer is pretty neat looking and we expect it to sell well. Furthermore, Sunbird might appeal to sweaty players who prefer minimalist female skins. All of the Sun Soldiers items showcase an Aztec style similar to the new Sunny Steps location.


Rare Outfit – 1,200 V-Buckls

“All Eyes are on you.”

Fortnite's Mezmer Skin Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite’s Mezmer Outfit. Credit: Epic Games

Mezmer features a green and black outfit and a distinctive Aztec mask. The mask is actually very well designed and has intricate features. As previously stated, this is probably going to sell like hotcakes. Mezmer includes the Hypnotic Back Bling. Hypnotic’s teaser text reads “Look into my eyes…” Also, Hypnotic has ear rings that swivel when you run.

Hypnotic Back Bling Credit: Epic Games
The Hypnotic Back Bling. Credit: Epic Games


Rare Outfit – 1,200 V-Bucks

“Fly in light, and eclipse the sun.”

The Sunbird Outfit
The Sunbird Outfit Credit: Epic Games

Sunbird features an orange and black outfit with an Aztec-styled mask. Her green hair nicely accents the orange in her outfit. She has a selectable style that removes the mask. Sunbird’s Back Bling, appropriately called ‘Sun Wings’, are orange and feature Aztec undertones. The teaser text states they are “Solar powered.” The wings also stick out a fair distance, way more than Love Ranger.

The Sun Wings Back Bling
Sunbird includes the Sun Wings Back Bling. Credit: Epic Games


Rare Glider – 800 V-Bucks

“Rise up.”

The Sunrise Glider
The Sunrise Glider Credit: Epic Games

Sunrise is the Sun Soldiers set glider and continues the Aztec theme. It is primarily orange and yellow in color and has a small tail that shimmies in the wind.


Uncommon Harvesting Tool – 800 V-Bucks

“Axe of the ancients.”

The Axetec Harvesting Tool
The Axetec Harvesting Tool Credit: Epic Games

Axetec is a simple harvesting tool with a gorgeous design and color scheme. Would go perfectly with the Mezmer or Sunbird outfit.

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