Fortnite's Planes Will Be Vaulted In Season 8

Season 8 will see the removal of Fortnite’s X4-Stormwing aircraft. Epic confirmed the removal in a question and answer session on Reddit. After analyzing the meta, Fortnite Bunker predicted the removal of planes in an article posted last week.

Epic committed themselves to planes in Season 7 with the introduction of several airport POI’s. In order to remove them, major map changes will have to take place. Speculation surrounding Season 8 changes has focused on the northeastern part of the map. But, there are expedition outposts and air strips located all over.

Planes are a controversial subject in Fortnite, many competitive players simply did not like them. As Season 7 progressed, Epic took action to minimize their impact. First, the accuracy of the turret was reduced. Then, developers reduced the damage done to structures and players. Finally, Epic removed the ability for planes to damage structures completely.

Next season will reveal new methods of transportation. Season 8 will bring radical changes to the map and meta. Many players have requested that the Driftboard become permanent. Epic’s Eric Williamson stated in a Reddit post that Epic is working on a new single-occupancy vehicle. Williamson also stated that Epic is considering a longer-stay for the Driftboard.

“Epic’s Eric Williamson stated in a Reddit post that Epic is working on a new single-occupancy vehicle.”

The removal of planes comes as part of a big push by Epic to appease content creators and competitive players. Other recent moves include the weakening of the hand cannon, the inclusion of Pop-Up Cup settings in regular playlists, and Support-A-Creator promos.

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