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Fortnite's Upcoming 'Flint-Knock' Pistol

The in-game news page has updated and the Flint-Knock pistol will arrive in this week’s update. The Flintlock pistol has a one-round capacity and takes over 3-seconds to reload. But, it does high-damage. The uncommon variant hits for 180 to the head and 90 to the body.

Dubbed the “Trusty Sidearm” by the in-game news page, the Flintlock pistol was described with the following text.

“Be careful! It’s got a kick to it!”

In-game news tab update showing the upcoming Flintlock pistol.
In-game news tab update showing the upcoming Flintlock pistol. Credit: Epic Games

What really makes the Flintlock pistol trivial is the damage drop off. At medium range the pistol does around 50-damage. At far range the pistol does 36 to the body. To Epic’s credit, it would be unrealistic for a powder-based weapon to have a ton of range, but this is downright paltry. The weapon also lacks the ability to one-shot wooden walls – something that fans of the Hand Cannon yearn for. We go in-depth on all of the stats surrounding the upcoming Flintlock pistol here.

Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker for more details on this week’s update as soon as they drop.

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