Fortnite's Upcoming 'Flint-Knock' Pistol

Following the release of update 8.10, Fortnite’s dataminers discovered an upcoming Flintlock pistol in the game files. We know that the pistol will have a one shot capacity and a slower reload time. We also know that damage output will be high for those who manage to land the shot. Let’s take a look at everything that’s been leaked so far.

Weapon Stats

The ‘Flint-Knock’ pistol will come in two variants, common and uncommon. The common low-end model will do 86 damage to the body, and the uncommon will do 90. Mid-range damage is set at 51 and 54 respectively. Interestingly, at max range the damage drops all the way down to 34 and 36. Head shot damage for the common variant is unknown, but for the uncommon variant it will be 2x. This is quite a significant drop and will likely limit the use of this weapon in competitive play.

Environmental damage is 136 and 138 up close, this drops off significantly at range. Not quite enough to take down the venerable wooden wall in a single shot. Recently, we’ve seen Epic nerf the Hand Cannon’s ability to take down wooden walls in one shot. It’s clear that they are continuing that philosophy with the Flint-Knock.

Reload time is a whopping 3.19 seconds for the common and 3.05 for the uncommon.

Damage numbers were gathered from the player tracking website Storm Shield One.

Firing Sounds

We now know exactly how the gun will sound when fired thanks to dataminers on the /r/fortniteleaks subreddit. Give the video below a listen. The sound is identical to the ‘Save The World’ version.

Reload Animation

The reload animation is pretty standard for a Flintlock weapon. Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi_ posted the following video to Twitter.


We don’t know when this gun will release, and it’s not safe to assume that it will be the next weapon. Several weeks ago a higher-powered infantry rifle variant was leaked in the game files, and that gun has yet to see the light of day. We’ll know whether it’s coming this week with tomorrow’s in-game news tab update. Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker for more coverage as it drops.

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