Fortnite's Legendary Infantry Rifle

Redditor /u/kspaar has discovered audio files for Fortnite’s upcoming high-powered Infantry Rifle. We’ve linked the original Reddit post below that contains the audio.

The Infantry Rifle has received a mostly negative response since it’s introduction last Season. The gun uses projectiles rather than hit scan firing. Combining projectile fire and low damage isn’t exactly a recipe for success. If Legendary and Epic variants are added with higher damage and lower travel time, things could change.

Hit scan weapons will impact an enemy instantly upon firing, while projectile based weapons have a travel delay. Previous projectile-based weapons include the Hunting Rifle and snipers. All of which have higher damage output than the Infantry Rifle.

It is unlikely that this weapon will make it’s way into this week’s v8.01 update. We’ll likely see it teased in Sunday’s in-game news update and then released in the v8.10 patch next week.

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